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1a : a organic progressively continuing Procedure or enhancement marked by a series of gradual adjustments that thrive one another in a relatively fastened way and lead towards a particular end result or end the process of expansion the process of digestion

2a(1) : a normal phenomenon marked by gradual variations that guide toward a specific end result the process of development

A process extending transversely from the medial floor in the maxilla. Together with the corresponding process from the other facet, it forms the most important percentage of the really hard palate.

Through the early 1960s, computer Command program experienced developed from check Manage software, such as IBSYS, to government Handle software program. After some time, pcs received faster though Laptop time was nevertheless neither inexpensive nor absolutely used; this kind of an environment designed multiprogramming achievable and vital.

1 : addressed or created by a special process particularly when involving synthesis or artificial modification

styloid process a lengthy, pointed projection, specially a protracted spine projecting downward indian visa from your inferior floor of your temporal bone.

fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize - matter to fluoridation; deal with with fluoride; "fluoridized drinking water"; "fluoridize the enamel of youngsters"

Then we all really need to do our component to interact the officers and our community, and maintain Anyone accountable within the process.

pseudopod, pseudopodium - momentary outgrowth utilized by some microorganisms as an organ of feeding or locomotion

An upward projection in the maxilla that articulates With all the frontal bone; kinds Section of the orbit and nasal fossa.

process - a writ issued by authority of law; generally compels the defendant's attendance inside a civil suit; failure to look ends in a default judgment from the defendant

Our company was Launched on partnerships and we stand Completely ready with above two hundred issuing banks and technological innovation vendors.

A common sort of multitasking is time-sharing. Time-sharing is a method to permit high responsiveness for interactive consumer purposes. In time-sharing techniques, context switches are executed swiftly, that makes it seem like many processes are being executed concurrently on a similar processor. This seeming execution of several processes at the same time is called concurrency.

Latest Illustrations on the Web: Noun The main reason will be to share and assistance other instructors which have or will probably be undergoing the same process

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