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It turned out that, for Gene, adopting a youngster was a very difficult process, due to the fact he no stable profits, and could not vouch for his have caregiving expertise.

renovate, transmute, transubstantiate - modify or alter in type, visual appearance, or mother nature; "This expertise reworked her totally"; "She transformed the clay into a lovely sculpture"; "transubstantiate just one aspect into One more"

Nonetheless, in multiprocessing programs quite a few processes may well run off of, or share, the exact same reentrant method at the same spot in memory, but each process is said to personal its personal image of the program.

A citizen of a overseas state who seeks to enter the United States frequently need to initial get hold of a U.S. visa, which happens to be placed while in the traveler’s passport, a travel document issued by the traveler’s region of citizenship.

of secondary oil Restoration If your polymer concentration of liquid injected in to the reservoir differs with time. From Cambridge English Corpus   Taking into consideration the significant quality of preservation, the mineral development process

b. The set of steps and events that represent a legal proceeding or a good portion thereof: the demo process; the sentencing process.

2. The process with the inferior nasal concha extending laterally and covering the orifice on the antrum.

alveolar process, alveolar ridge, gum ridge - a ridge that kinds the borders of the upper and lower jaws and has the sockets from the teeth

Convey to us about this instance sentence: This can be a good example of how the indian visa term is used. The word in the example sentence would not match the entry phrase.

In the area of your primitive mouth of your embryo, a median swelling that's the precursor in the nose, upper lip, and entrance Section of the palate.

coracoid process a curved process arising in the upper neck of the scapula and overhanging the shoulder joint; known as also coracoid.

Our organization was Started on partnerships and we stand ready with around 200 issuing banks and engineering suppliers.

A multitasking functioning method may swap amongst processes to present the appearance of many processes executing concurrently (that may be, in parallel), however in fact only one process is usually executing at Anybody time on a single CPU (Except if the CPU has several cores, then multithreading or other equivalent technologies can be utilized).[a]

Producing process administration, a set of technologies and techniques used to determine how solutions are to get produced.

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